Tuesday, February 21, 2017


YES! Discovering Treasure is now in Paperback.


The Parisienne Fashion Houses of 1925 are dismayed! One of their famous models, Treasure Gilroy disappears sending Newspapers into a whirlwind frenzy. Where has she gone and why? It is a complete mystery.

Resembling another time and another place, the Australian Outback whisper’s its love song tugging this young woman back to its magical terrain where her soul seeks its desired fulfilment. Treasure Gilroy journeys to the beautiful Vision Valley town of Glen Arbour on the other side of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Outback Australia. Her special friend, Ella, a French hair coiffeur travels with her. There is a mysterious déjà vu connection between the two that will come to light surprising both. Treasure meets Connor Latham, her grandmother’s lawyer and a returned World War I fighter pilot. Both feel an instant attraction and passions fire. Connor’s pride and stubborn determination in who he now, prevents him from following his heart. Treasure feels confused until she learns of Connor’s reasons and reluctance. Treasure gains insight into family secrets and the unknown truth about her parents. Christianity had been unknown in her past - so will it be accepted in
her future.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Surprising Story

With the news featuring refugees and immigrants - this story popped into my head.

I was in a very closed marriage for years so I know how it feels to be in what I used to call, 'a home with invisible bars.'

Its one thing to think of escaping and running away, and another to actually do it..

So I wrote this story about one young woman's courage to do so.


Have a short read of the story.

Friday, February 10, 2017

DISCOUNTED Romance Novel

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Declan is denied the woman he loves because of an unfair promise. Silva goes into prayer battle to break the powers of evil that travail against them.

She has grown-up in the wild Australian Outback with its unique customs, people, and landscape that whisper love and romance into her soul from its immense terrain.

Silva Latham is a strong-willed young woman who has loved Declan Callahan her entire life.
After years apart both return to their families in the Australian Outback town of Glen Arbor.
Declan remembers Silva as his best friend Adam’s nuisance, little sister.
Back from a French finishing school, Silva is nothing like the carrot-top annoying kid he remembers. He is thunderstruck by her transformation into a desirable and beautiful young woman.
Declan, having completed his law degree is only home for a short visit. Any feelings of love he begins to feel towards the fiery Silva – he knows are strictly forbidden.
No-one has reckoned on Silva’s great FAITH in GOD. This woman knows that the weapons of her warfare are mighty - far beyond any travailing stronghold.
As a Christian and a redhead, she will fight for the man, she loves.
This story will lead you through – strong faith, desire, determination, devotion, protection, sacrifice, devastation, and love that will Burn, as Strong as Fire.


Saturday, January 14, 2017


A deceased mother challenges a brilliant nurse from beyond the grave to uncover a century-old family mystery. She eventually triumphs over tragedy at immense personal cost.

On receiving a mysterious packet from BEYOND the grave, Enya Raffetty embarks on a mission to learn more about her family’s origins.
She travels to the mystifying OutBack town of Brolga where her great grandfather began the family heritage.
Settling in at the old family homestead, she discovers a photo album from far back in time which entices her to visit their isolated graveyard.
Without any care of an approaching thunderstorm, Enya walks up onto the hill behind the house. Standing in the rain, she gets hit by a bolt of lightning.
That evening in 1899, she is found unconscious by Lockland Dawson, a handsome Jackaroo landowner, who is fascinated by her.
A nurse is hired to tend for the injured stranger at Lock’s Kooyong Homestead property.
Slowly regaining her memory, Enya realizes she is from a time in the future yet having fallen in love with the magnetic Lock and developing friendships in the district; she hopes to remain.
Eventually, Enya needs to confess her knowledge to Lock and her nurse Linda. Although this is confusing, it sums up her differences.
Lock has fallen in love with Enya and is troubled she will disappear in the same manner she mysteriously arrived. However Enya convinces him, there are no certainties in life and every day must be enjoyed with a trust and faith in God.
As a nurse with a Ph.D., she is more advanced in her medical understanding than the local doctor and takes on delivering a difficult birth, making her a valued commodity in the neighborhood.
This book holds, suspense, drama, happiness, sorrow, faith, and love, down through the ages.

With God, There is NO Time and Love is Eternal.

Watch the Book trailer to get a view of what the story, LOVE'S TIME is about.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cherished Encounter

The story of a young female doctor sheltered by her paternal family following the murder of her parents when she was an infant.

Growing up in the love of the Lord and understanding the godly gifts bestowed on her, Ariana becomes a medical doctor.

Now at twenty six she wants a change and new beginnings.

Leaving the familiar behind, she heads off to an outback town and more than she expects. With her two angels always close by she knows she is never alone.

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The Book:

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Price $2.99

SHARING  A CUTE Koala named Willow.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Forbidden Fruit Temptation

Forbidden Fruit Temptation is a continuation of the book, Discovering Treasure.
Book #2 of the Vision Valley Series.

It is now the 1950's and Treasure has a grown daughter named Silva who features in this story.

Life never runs smoothly, and Silva, now nineteen is very much in love with her neighbour across the valley's son, Declan.

Here is the Book Trailer:

$2.99 Kindle Version at AMAZON